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How Versatile Could a Sweatshirt really be? ( My Trend Insider 1 Reviews for mark)

I'll admit when I first saw the preview of the new mark Chic and Cozy Sweatshirt in mark's Trend Insider 1,  I was a bit skeptical.  I mean, it definitely looked cute and cozy in the magazine, but coming from the company I work for that specializes and is known for fashion that is chic and On-Trend, my thought process was a little, "Really?  A SWEATSHIRT?? REALLY????"

But when UPS dropped it off, and I took it out of it's packaging, it clicked.  Mark is a company that specializes in on-trend fashion that is customizable. WE get to decide what pieces to throw together to pull-off whatever look we desire! So, then I decided to try out various ways I could rock this sweatshirt (although, viewing it in person, it really does rock by itself... it's nice quality and the shape of it is really flattering for all body types)

Look #1:

First I decided to keep it pretty basic, cozy and loungy.  I threw on the sweatshirt and paired it with mark's Cluster Luster Necklace plus the Super Dome Stretch Ring for just a little fun and sparkle.

(Close up of the Super Dome Stretch Ring)

Look #2:

Next, I threw a black coat over my shoulders to in a way mimic Charlene Chang's black blazer motif (from the National Call) for a smart yet casual office-type look.

Look #3:

After that, I pulled on mark's It's The Skinny Pants along with the Heel Appeal Platform shoes for a "going out" visual.  The sweatshirt almost appears as a tunic. (Ignore the weird scowl on my face, lol )

Sorry, I couldn't manage a decent photo of myself wearing the shoes... here they are:

Look #4:

Trying to pull together a chic look, I exchanged the Super Dome Stretch Ring for mark's Meredith Kahn Feather Knuckle Duster Ring, I also threw on the new Pile it On Stretchy Bracelets and accessorized with the brand new bag: Squared Away Tote and the new Head Games Beret (also comes in orchid).

Okay, I'll admit again, when I first saw the Embellish a Little Necklace in the magazine, I didn't really know what the heck was going on there.  ("Braided yarn? Whaaaat?")  But in person, I just LOVE it.  It's multi-colored fabric woven together with strands of metallic thread giving it shimmer.  Plus silver chain strands are intermixed.  I tried to take a photo giving you a closer look, but it's hard to capture the shimmer:

Closer look of the Squared Away Tote:

It has a zipper compartment in the middle, plus little pockets on the sides for sunglasses, cellphones, etc:

Closer look of the Pile it On Bracelets and Knuckle Feather Duster Ring:

In summary, okay, I LOVE the sweatshirt.  It's just yet another fashion item that has to be tried on in person to appreciate!  It's cozy, it can pull-off chic... it's versatile!  I have to mention that if you're debating sizes, to go with the smaller size.  The size that I received is my usual size that I wear but the shirt runs large and it was slightly too big on me.

Right now, the following items that I reviewed will NOT be released to the general public until next month. <big> However, if you're interested in anything you see, I'll discount 15% off this month on:

o Chic and Cozy Sweatshirt (sizes S- xx-large) ($25 normal retail)
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o Head Games Beret ($15 normal retail)
o Embellish a Little Necklace ($16 normal retail)
o Squared Away Tote ($30 normal retail) </big>
oJust send me an email if interested: markgirlcellie@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.  No need to be local if you have Paypal!  $25+ orders ship free!

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Wore these out tonight!

Wore these out with a girlfriend tonight!  Honestly, when I initially saw the mark Super Dome ring on the website, I didn't think it would be my style at ALL.  I'm don't tend to go for a lot of glitz, but when I tried it on I have to say I kind of fell in love with it and this is why... had a little flashback, actually!

Remember when we were a kiddos and played dress up with our girlfriends?  We tended to reach inside the jewelry box for the piece that had the most bling and sparkle and our moms would laugh and say, "Well, don't you look gaudy?"  Well, this ring is *like* that experience except it's currently SO on-trend that now we're allowed to rock it out!  And as an adult!  Aren't we lucky?!


In person, the Cluster Luster necklace is heavier than it appears on the site.  It has almost an "antiquey" vibe to it and I just love it! Sorry the photo quality isn't great! I just got back from NYC and had to use my webcam because I can't find the cord for my better cam (I thought it was stuffed in my suitcase, but apparently not!).


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Who Needs Prince Charming?

I am SUPER excited for this bag to be released to the public next month! It's super sharp and on-trend with it's "snakeskin" pattern.  The name is "Snake Charmer Bag" by mark and it comes in your choice of two colors -Gray -Purple.  My personal preference is the purple because it's although it's different, it really goes with a lot of outfits. and pulls them together to create a totally different look.

Today ONLY, I'm able to offer the bag at 20% off.  This is through ME only. It won't be listed publicly in the shop until next month.  So if you want to scoop one up earlier than the rest of the population, get in contact with me if interested markgirlcellie@gmail.com !

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